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Nepal is the home of the world’s most renouned mountain range, the Himalayas. As such it is a very popular destination for trekkers, both serious climbers and those not so serious.

But if you are planning a visit to Nepal there is one place you should definitely make time for- Chitwan National Park.

Chitwan National Park is located near the town of Bharatpur which has an airport that is only a 20 minute flight from the capital, Kathmandu, making Chitwan National Park fairly easy to get to.

There are a lot of animals to see at Chitwan including elephants, tigers, crocodiles, monkeys and even rhinos. That’s right, rhinos in Nepal (I was surprised).


Activities at Chitwan include river cruising and safaris on elephant back- the best way to travel through a jungle.

The highlight of Chitwan for me was the elephant baths- if you make the trip this is not to be missed and I would suggest packing your bathers!



Here is a short review of my experience of flying with Air Asia X.



Price. Being a low cost airline price is essentially the most important aspect of the service and Air Asia certainly delivered. A 7 hour flight cost me $180 and I was thrilled with that.

Service. Service has been great everytime I’ve flown with them, very friendly staff. Additionally, Air Asia flights always seems to be on time if not early in departing and arriving an airport.

Option town. Option town is a site you can visit before your flight and its here you can elect to pay a bit extra for a seat upgrade, extra leg room, inflight entertainment and food on your flight. Personally I really like paying for the extras instead of a full service meal because this way I can choose my own meals and I’m getting what I pay for and not things that I don’t want.


Seats. Being a low cost airline the seat are a little smaller and you don’t get a lot of leg room. But hey, you get what you pay for right?

Extras. If you want to watch a movie on board you’ll need to bring your own device as Air Asia X don’t fit their planes with in flight entertainment. Or you can pay the airline to borrow an iPad on board which isn’t expensive.

Food. No meals are provided, if you want to eat on your flight you’ll need to book and pay for a meal when making your booking- the meals aren’t extravagant or anything and cost from memory about $7.

I would definitely recommend Air Asia X to anyone but specifically to those hoping to travel on a budget. Its a great airline doing an amazing job of making travel more affordable.


There is no other place on this planet quite like Nepal

There is no place on this planet quite like Nepal.

For my first post I’ve decided to discuss a topic which on occasion has driven me slightly crazy. Anyone who has been on a long flight knows how irksome it can be and that often the worst part of the experience is the other passengers.

So I compiled a short list of ‘don’t’s’ for aeroplane travel.

1. Before you even get to the plane you need to go through security checks. We all know the ones, put your keys and phone in a tray and remove your laptop from your bag. To make this a better flowing process, once you go through the metal detector and pick up your things don’t stand there to put everything back where you had it. There is a bench provided at the end of these places for a reason, pick up your tray and bag quickly, walk 3 metres to the bench and get your stuff organised there out of everyone’s way. Also, don’t leave your tray on the conveyor belt, put in on the stack that is usually nearby.

2. People who block the aisle so they can put their bag in the overhead compartment. I hate leaving the departure lounge, walking 20 metres and having to stop and stand there because there is a huge line up to get on the plane because someone has decided that putting their bag in the overhead luggage space is more important than everyone else getting on the plane. Here is a simple rule – if there are still a lot of people getting on the plane then stay out of the aisles, you are in everyone’s way. I’m sure it won’t kill you to wait 5 minutes until the aisle is clear, or else wait until there is a break in passengers getting on the plane.  In the mean time put your bag   underneath the seat in front of you or if it is small and light, hold it yourself.

3. Overhead compartment hogs. It is incredibly annoying to get on a plane, find your seat and discover that all the overhead storage space has been take up by people who aren’t even sitting in your row. So when you get on a plane, use the space that is provided for you, not space a bit further down the plane, not across the aisle, just the place directly above you.

4. Do not recline your seat until you are allowed to. Seriously I don’t get why some people do this, the plane will be taxiing and some jerk will decide they need to recline their chair. Why? are you trying to get in a 2 minute sleep before take off? or are you just that inconsiderate of the person sitting behind you? Its not likely to be by accident as there are frequent reminders over the intercom to keep your seat in the upright position during taxiing and take off. Its just rude and inconsiderate to take up the space of the person behind you when you shouldn’t be, don’t do it.

5. Kids – I understand people take their children on holiday and that is fair enough and generally I don’t have a problem with kids on flights. The problem comes from when the parents don’t do their job. If you are flying with kids then it is your job to watch them and make sure they don’t annoy other passengers. You may be under the impression that other passengers will think your kid is cute and won’t mind them walking up the aisle every 2 minutes. You are wrong. Your kid is not cute. All they are is annoying to everyone else.

6. Getting off the plane – If you are travelling with your 90 year old mother who takes half an hour to walk down a flight of stairs then maybe its better if you wait for everyone else to get off first. The are likely to be a number of people on any flight who need to make transfers and its unfair that they should be held up. This isn’t generally a problem as most people are considerate enough to realise they are holding a plane load of people up and they wait for everyone to get off before them. Unfortunately on my recent trip to India I encountered many, many slow people in airports. Its just something to keep in mind.

There it is, some simple ways to make airline travel better for everyone. Happy travelling!