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My sister and I visited the Taj Mahal in February this year and as you can see we had a great time. It is a beautiful place as anyone who has be there will tell you. One awesome part of the Taj is the symmetry in all the buildings and walkways, if you have a slight case of OCD you will love the order and planning that so evidently went into building the Taj. Unluckily for us, the morning we were there it was quite overcast so we couldn’t get the best photos. It is still spectacular in gloomy weather I am happy to report.

Travelling through India is definitely a challenge, visiting the Taj Mahal is a great reward!





If anyone has been to or planning on going to the Taj Mahal please share your stories and thoughts 🙂

Elephant bath in Chitwan National Park - a must do if you visit Nepal.

Elephant bath in Chitwan National Park – a must do if you visit Nepal.

I had the good luck to make it to Chitwan National Park when visiting Nepal. This photo here is myself enjoying an elephant bath, something that I never anticipated to do in my life or even knew such an experience existed.

An amzing part of the elephant bath for me was that the day before was the first time I saw an elephant in real life. I was driving up to my hotel and they happened to have an elephant standing out the front. Just seeing the elephant by my hotel was awesome, I still can’t believe I went from one day having never seen an elphant, to seeing one and then the very next day having a bath with one, something very few people on this planet have had the chance to do.

This photo was taken back in February 2012 and is still the most extraordinary thing I’ve done in my life. Nepal is truly unique and a magical place to travel through.



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